50 Unique Fundraising Ideas How to Start an Easy Fundraiser

In a nutshell, peer-to-peer fundraising enlists the fundraising help of your current supporters and empowers them to ask for donations on behalf of your school. Students obtain pledges from their friends and family members for the number of pages or books that they can read in a semester. To hold a shoe drive fundraiser, you’ll need to do some research to find a company who will partner with your school and accept your shoes. Look for a company like Funds2Orgs, who will pick up your donated shoes and send you a check based on the number of pounds you gave. Every year, the average person throws away 7.5 pairs of shoes.
Similar to idea #3, every middle school student can get behind a fundraising event where they see their principals sweat a little. This principal challenge is a creative fundraiser to raise school spirit and unite everyone for one large fundraising effort. When planning your fundraising event, don’t forget to maximize the donations that you receive through different avenues. Chocolate bar selling – another extremely popular method to fundraise for schools is to sell chocolate bars. Precisely what you do is offer each and every kid a box of chocolate bars so that they may market it to his or her friends and family or perhaps church to produce some funds. Occasionally kids actually give the boxes to their moms and dads to take it to work with them so that they may market them to their co-workers.
In the fall apple season, take advantage of the abundance of apples and sell fresh non-alcoholic cider. non profit fundraising ideas in bulk from a local orchard or farmers market and rent or borrow an apple press. Parents, students and teachers can all get involved by operating the press at the school. After the cider is pressed, you can sell it at other fall school events.
Put up a ‘fall foliage’ or ‘fall colors’ trip and advertise it locally. This type of event is particularly popular amongst the elderly population, so make sure you advertise it to retirement homes and senior centers. Establish business and community partnerships with local area businesses and ask for donations. You should draft a formal letter about who you are, what school you are with, what PBIS is, and why you need the donations.
It is a sliding commission scale that starts at 30% and goes all the way to 50%. You want to choose a fundraiser for school that allows you to earn the most money possible. The good news is that top fundraising catalogues can help you to do that.
Parents, alumni, local businesses, and members of your community pledge to support the students cleaning up. These school fundraisers are highly supported within the community and can help you raise more money. This school fundraising idea might be the favorite of your teachers and parents, as it encourages children to read for pleasure. Students obtain pledges from teachers, family members, or parents for the number of pages or books they can read, and then they log the hours. A read-a-thon is also a comparatively easier way to fundraise for your school.
Then, you can request a donation in exchange for game night participation. Selling customized T-shirts is a great way to get donations and spread the word about your cause. The majority of K-12 schools — roughly two-thirds of the total — face a funding gap in the United States. This means that millions of school children lack the tools they need to be successful. To get the most from their education, students need the right tools.
Consider hosting a car wash or dog wash for your fundraising event. It’s simple to organize and gives everyone a good excuse to get outside. Plus, it’s easy for anyone in the community to participate. Depending on the size of the sporting events your school has, you can adjust your offerings and how many people you need to help work the events. Make sure to let the suppliers know that you’re raising money for a school and you might be able to take advantage of discounts or special perks. For example, Coca-Cola and Pepsi reps can get you free delivery, no minimum orders, and free signage.
These discount cards are around $10-$20 but can save the purchaser hundreds of dollars. Guessing jars is a cost-effective and easy fundraising idea for schools. All you need is a clear jar and fill it with candy, beads, marbles, paper clips, or anything that will fit in the jar. To increase your potential fundraising opportunities, have several jars in various sizes to allow participants to pay to guess each jar’s contents. What better way to get the students involved in the school fundraiser than a cook-off? Kids can pay a small fee to enter the competition, and attendees pay to be taste testers.
Keep the atmosphere fun and light, and serve snacks and drinks to bring in additional profit. A silent auction is also a great fundraiser to pair with your main auction, or another live event such as a talent show, a dinner, or an art night. Local businesses are a great place to start inquiring about prizes and are often more than happy to donate. Gift certificates to nice restaurants, quality coffee, variety baskets, dance accessories, and tickets to concerts and shows are all great prizes.