Pretzels & Pizza Fundraiser 70% Profit!

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to raise donations and give. Here are our top creative and unique ideas for thanksgiving. Yard sales are especially lucrative for clubs and organizations with locally-based supporters. Consider hosting the yard sale at a school or at another locally relevant location. You can charge a flat fee to participate in the field day or charge individual fees for each activity.
One of our team members would be happy to explain how our brochure and catalog program works. Thankfully, we have plenty of experience helping schools raise money. In celebration of this legacy, Bennington launched the Young Writers Awards to promote excellence in writing at the high school level.
Think of a theme (e.g. muffins, chili, pancakes) and have participants pay a fee to enter the cook-off challenge. To increase the number of donations, other students and parents can judge the entries by making a donation themselves. Your participants can also help you raise more funds with peer-to-peer fundraising. All you have to do is choose an effective peer-to-peer fundraising tool that lets you get started in minutes and automates most of the process. Charge a small amount and organize a fun night of food and drinks for your students’ parents. The gathering can be quite relaxed, and you can even get volunteers to look after the children so that parents don’t have to pay extra money for a babysitter.
Be sure to offer prizes to motivate students to give it their best shot. Inform parents that you are conducting a bottle donation drive in advance of the event and give them time to gather their used bottles. Ask them to send the bottles over with their children on the day of the drive.
This is a fun way for parents to “relive” their high school prom while raising money for their children’s prom at the same time. Moms and Dads can dress up and enjoy a black tie formal event evening. Promenade dances were originally for college students only. However, today school proms are enjoyed by middle and high school students alike.
This event can be held throughout the year during the holidays, such as Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and summer. For new college students, decorating their dorm room is the time to let their creativity shine. Shopping for storage boxes, fun wall art, and adding color to spruce up the dorm room is a great bonding experience for kids and their parents or guardians. Make this activity exciting by adding competition to the mix with a prize for the winner. Ask every high school or college student what their worst nightmare is, and they will all say that parking at school or on campus is the worst!
Pick a night that works for both your PTA and the restaurant. The local restaurant will provide a percentage of their profits to your cause. school fundraisers ideas vs. parents’ sporting event can be fun for everyone involved.
You get 2 pounds of gourmet cookie dough for only 10 dollars. Your softball team can earn several hundred dollars on a Friday or Saturday afternoon washing cars this way. This is a great way to earn money for your softball team this upcoming spring. After a long cold winter, your neighbors will be looking for someone to wash their car.
They bring the products and brochures to work and talk to everyone about helping their child in the fundraiser. Every parent appreciates an occasional night out or off childcare duty! Help your peers out and raise funds for your PTA at the same time. This PTA fundraising idea is sure to grab young parents’ attention and you might actually raise more money.